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Evil Wizard Creations

Blank Template Engine

This is a test to see is the paragraph application will work.
Also to test that the display and spacing is correct.
Coming soon to the upgraded paragraph application...

...The introduction of BBCode to format the inner text more and use images and links.

Development Plan

At 3K Engine we are constantly enhancing our products and programs. We offer full solutions to website design as well as plugin features to enhance the look and feel of your site. These plugins and solutions are fully customizable and come with built-in security features. This way you can have an "Off The Shelf" website that looks totally bespoke. All our products come with administration tools to help set up and run them. We also offer limited support for our products, but they come with extensive documentation and help files.

3K Marketplace

The 3K Marketplace is a complete e-commerce solution, a fully functioning online shop. It has shopping carts, buy now, Paypal integration and also supports https security. With unlimited products form Platinum license owners, and administration for product management and shop style. Once installed on your own hosting, it creates all the necessary data files for immediate business, all that is needed is for products to be added. 3K Marketplace also supports user logins so customers do not have to keep putting in their shipping and payment details, this also keeps track of their purchases.

3K Photo Album

Allow your users and members to share their photographs, or store them in a private album. This solution offers the ability to upload images to a public viewable album or a private only album. However all images are viewable by super user accounts and admin, this is so that it is possible to regulate the images stored on your host. Albums can be renamed, icons changed and maximum number of images set, once again this is completely customizable by the use of CSS skins.

3K Guestbook

Add a Guestbook to your site. The 3K Guestbook supports a range of smilies and the BBCode for URL and IMG. It strips out any HTML and SCRIPT tags, then strips excessive white space, any messages that have zero length after the stripping are returned as errors to be corrected by the message leaver and not stored until a valid message is left. It also converts newlines to the
tag, and can be set to split into pages with a maximum number of messages per page. The "Disclaimer" and the "Thank You" messages are set in the Guestbook config file.

3K Navigation Menus

They're many kinds of 3K Navigation Menus, from a simple CSS menu table to the advanced expanding graphical menu. There is also a drop down menu system with the support for menu icons. All menus can be used with a MySQL database to supply the menu items or they can be added in the menus data file. All the necessary scripting and CSS styles for the menus are generated by the plugin and all that is required is one line to include the menu into a page.

3K Visitor Counter

A graphical visitor counter can be added to your site as easy as adding a line of text. This plugin checks to see if the counter file exists, if it does not then it creates one and resets the counter to zero. It also supports the use of a trigger page, this means that the counter can be visible on all pages but only incremented on one. It does this by checking the entire web address including parameters passed via a query string "?"